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Liu Da Kai 八極六大开 means ”the six big openings” or six major ways of opening the opponents door and entering into close combat. Doors represent the opponents defence that he creates with his hands, we want to open the door in various ways, or simply crush through it. Liu Da kai are represented by six techniques and each of these emphasizes a specific principle of entering. As with other advanced Baji methods the practitioner needs to work hard on the basics before learning about the Liu Da Kai. The basics will train the strength, power and other body attributes needed for the Liu Da Kai. These entering techniques will clarify key methods in fighting so that the pracitioner can further develop them and make his technique solid and strong.

The Liu Da Kai are:

– Ding 顶, Going forward like a bull. Defending and advancing at the same time. Going through the door

– Bao 抱, Embracing. Opening the door with a sideways movement, using a powerful circular pulling in motion.

– Dan 单, Carrying. Like carrying two buckets of water on a stick supported on your shoulders. The strong downwards wave motion that comes from the weight of the water and the elasticity of the stick. Opening the door with a downwards movement.

– Ti 提, Lifting. Opening the door with an upward movement.

– Kua 垮, Scissor movement. Like two movements moving in opposite directions, cutting everything in their path.

– Chan 缠, Twisting. Opening the door with a twisting motion.

Video collection of teaching the Liu Da Kai: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfJGQzXAoTduVx_Pm_MBWiCEW7qQ8gUPG


Liu Da Kai tarkoittaa ”kuusi isoa avaamista”, tai kuusi tärkeää metodia avata vastustajan ovi ja astua lähelle. Ovilla tarkoitetaan vastustajan suojausta jonka hän luo käsillään, me haluamme avata nämä ovet tavalla tai toisella, tai yksinkertaisesti murtaa ovi. Read the rest of this entry »