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This is the second part for the article about defence in Baji, to go a bit deeper into the subject. In striking oriented arts the term defence usually means defending incoming attacks by arm or leg movement, body movement, stepping or positioning of stance. The goal being to not get hurt by the incoming attack and allow for your own attack to be launched. In Baji we need to consider all ranges of combat, kicking, striking, wrestling and also very importantly everything that happens in between. I propose an extension of the term defence to also include defending ones structure. Read the rest of this entry »

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The fighting methods in Baji can roughly be divided into two categories, attack and defence. The Baji practitioner will start to develop his attack from day one, training power through single movement and form practice. Defence we need to train before we can start applying attack methods in pair training. In Baji we say that defence should be like wiping dust of ones coat, this means that the movement should be effortless. Read the rest of this entry »