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Huomio kaikille mahdollisesti aloittaville harjoittelijoille! Rajatun ryhmäkoon ja suht vilkkaan kiinnostuksen vuoksi pyydän että lähetät ennakkoilmoittautumisen syksyn kurssille osoitteeseen: . Jos kiinnostusta on yli tietyn määrän niin joudumme miettimään joulun jälkeiselle kaudelle isompaa tilaa.

Syksyn kurssi infot
Attention everyone interested in starting Baji this autumn! Due to limited group size and relatively active interest, i ask you to please register for the course by sending an e-mail to . If there is interest more than the group size allows, then we will look for another training place for the season after Christmas.

I travelled to Helsinki for a long weekend of training with master Lü Baochun. The training was planned mostly for getting new ideas for Baji, but also some time was spent to steer our Taiji training in the correct direction. There were experienced Baji practitioners from Sweden, UK, France, Tampere, Pori and of course the local Helsinki practitioners.

Friday morning we started with training Taiji. Most of the practitioners were beginners for Taiji, but with years of experience in Baji. We trained the first part of Chen Taijis Yi Lu form, applications and ideas how to train it to develop a functional Taiji body movement. The theme was posture and movement, checking the postures for good structure and proper form. Also doing movements in the form by accelerating certain points within the movements, to create a silk reeling type of movement energy to power the techniques. Read the rest of this entry »