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Xiao Jia is the main training method in Baji, it contains the most important techniques and ideas for fighting with Baji. The Baji pracitioners training starts with this form and later he will keep coming back to it even as more advanced material is taught. ‘Xiao’ means small, ‘Jia’ in this context means method or form. The name of the form includes the idea that the movements contain “smaller” circles and details. Read the rest of this entry »

(scrollaa alaspäin Suomenkieliselle versiolle)

Jingang Bashi 金刚八式 is a training method usually used as basic training in Baji. It is comprised of eight techniques, all training different skills. The first four movements are more for training attack, simple un-elaborate movement only concentrated on attacking power. The four last movements also include defence, so they include more movement. Usually the practicioner would train these movements alongside with Xiao Jia. A saying goes that Xiao Jia gives the practicioner the structure, a framework for what you should be doing, Jingang Bashi gives the contents, the power and inner strength. Read the rest of this entry »