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These sentences explains the development of skill, giving some idea about training and how to train. The skill come through training, not through looking for them specifically.

1. (Ming Jin 眀劲 , visible power). Yi da zhou li si feng mo.
First train with obvious force, like a crazy demon. The ability to attack

2. (Gang jin 刚劲, solid power). Er da shan zhan feng bi bo.
Dodging and sealing/closing reaction in the body for defence. The ability to defend.

3. (An jin 暗劲, hidden power). Cun jie cun na cun chu ru.
Small movement (cun) in short distance. The ability to attack and defend in small space and short distance. Usage of application becomes more natural. The ability to defend and attack together.

4. (Hua jin 化劲). Si lian ji gu pi rou he
Bone, tendon, skin and muscle all working together, body becomes like diamond. Hua jin stage is very hard to explain in words, the highest level.


Three energies/forces that should be developed through training, these can’t just “be done”, they will develop with training. But some attention should be put into them, letting the body develop it.

1. 沉坠(墜) 劲 chén zhuì jìn – ”Grounding Power” (Energy sinks down)
This one the practitioner usually starts with. Before you have this, there is no way of getting the following two ones to work. The meaning is not only lazy dropping of weight. It should be like a strong spring in the leg, that makes so the energy can go down, but you still keep your strength in the body. Don’t let the springs in the legs break and make yourself dead weight. This is an important energy, because it allows you to do hard fa li with “stomps” without hurting yourself. Getting power from the ground is also dependent on having this power.

2.  十字劲 shi zī jìn – ”Crossing Power” (Energy expands in every direction)
The expanding feeling comes from relaxing, but it has to be the right kind of “relaxing”.  In the beginning you train with strong stances, staying in them, this will help develop the expanding energy. Also big fa li helps develop this, making the explosion expand in every direction and beyond, keeping the crossing power after the explosion. Making a steady stance, like a mountain. Should make wrestling easier, also should make your hits heavy.

3.  缠丝劲 chán sī jìn – ”Twisting Power” (Twisting energy to generate power from the body)
This is the energy that comes from moving the previous two. Keeping grounding and crossing power in your movement while stepping and doing techniques. Making every inch of your movement strong and loaded, ready to fa li at every moment within the movement. Moving with chan si jin should make every movement connected and strong, something that is needed in close contact combat.

Demonstration of typical Baji techniques from the Xiao Jia form

Demoa Bajin tyypillisistä tekniikoista, Xiao Jia muodosta.

An important tactics in Baji is to finish the fight as fast as possible. This is done by getting up-close to the opponent and using short explosive techniques in short-range. On the video is an improvised demo from the summer of 2014 in Helsinki.

Bajissa tärkeä taktiikka on pyrkiä lopettamaan kamppailutilanne mahdollisimman nopeasti, tämä tapahtuu pyrkimällä vastustajan iholle ja käyttämällä räjähtäviä tekniikoita lähietäisyydellä. Videolla improvisoitua esittelyä Helsingin kesästä 2014.