These sentences explains the development of skill, giving some idea about training and how to train. The skill come through training, not through looking for them specifically.

1. (Ming Jin 眀劲 , visible power). Yi da zhou li si feng mo.
First train with obvious force, like a crazy demon. The ability to attack

2. (Gang jin 刚劲, solid power). Er da shan zhan feng bi bo.
Dodging and sealing/closing reaction in the body for defence. The ability to defend.

3. (An jin 暗劲, hidden power). Cun jie cun na cun chu ru.
Small movement (cun) in short distance. The ability to attack and defend in small space and short distance. Usage of application becomes more natural. The ability to defend and attack together.

4. (Hua jin 化劲). Si lian ji gu pi rou he
Bone, tendon, skin and muscle all working together, body becomes like diamond. Hua jin stage is very hard to explain in words, the highest level.